When will the report screen receive its first upgrade?

Needing to click through each report to update or check the settings before printing is cumbersome. When will the report page receive an update?

It would be great if all those settings can be done on the badge level or on a single page. eg. after selecting all the relevant reports for printing out, all the settings for the selected reports will be displayed at say the top of the screen.

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Thank you JYSuper for taking the time to provide feedback. We have discussed your suggestion in the team and will be making further improvements to the reports. Those that follow our release notes will see we made three changes to the audit reports for smarter default settings last week. The challenge is getting the mix between Smart Defaults , Fund Defaults and Firm Defaults (Badges) You can be confident that you will see further improvements in this area in coming releases of Simple Fund 360. Thank you again for helping improve the product with your constructive feedback.