What's New in CAS360 - March 2018

What’s new in CAS 360?

Well, it certainly has been an exciting first 3 months of 2018 for CAS 360! We have added a number of exciting new features and new integrations to make completing your compliance work even easier.

Here’s what we have added:

Document Provider Integrations

We have partnered with a number of the leading document providers to make company registrations seamless and integrated.

If you are using ACIS, Cleardocs, Smarter SMSF or Topdocs to set up your companies, you can now have the company pushed to CAS 360 at the click of a button. No additional data entry!

New Forms Added

We have added new forms over the last 3 months including a number of foreign company forms. Firms managing foreign companies can now prepare ASIC Forms 407, 409 and 489.

We have also added ASIC form 2205 which is a notification of resolutions regarding shares.

Key Features Added

Email Tracking / Notifications

Email is at the heart of CAS 360 and delivering of documents and notifications is key to company secretarial work.

We have worked hard to ensure that all emails are completely tracked in CAS 360 though the Outbox screen, which shows all the emails your firm has sent via CAS 360.

We have now added individual recipient email tracking, allowing users to see who the email was sent to, and if the email has been delivered.

If the email fails, you are also notified per recipient. We have also added the ability to easily re-send the email to new recipients.

Plus, we have added more features and functions in order to pass through spam filters and reach your clients inbox.

Annual Review Deadline Alert

Users can now track the Annual Review for each client once it has been processed and sent to the client.

Users will see the Document Deadline Alert also include the Annual Review Deadline. The automated Annual Review alert will appear 30 days before the due date of the Review. You can also see if the Annual Review fee is still outstanding with ASIC.

With the click of a button you can send your client an Annual Review reminder email, with the documents and invoice attached.

Once you have received the Annual Review back, you can mark the Annual Review as completed, from within the alert.

Deactivated Companies

Users can now set a company as deactivated in CAS 360. This will remove the company from the companies list.

When a company is deactivated it is not deleted. Users can go into the Deactivated Companies screen and restore the company, this will restore all company details and all company documents.

Users can also see their subscription breakdown by clicking on the ‘Subscription Details’ button in the deactivated companies screen.

New Members Register

We have released a new Members register. The new register uses our MS Word templates and allows users greater flexibility and customisation.

Users can change the existing template, and have unlimited templates of their own.

Users can also export the register out to MS Word and make one off changes.

We have also added the ability to prepare a full members register, or only a top 20 members register.

To view these features and many more please look at the video below.

Watch this space!