What advice would you offer to a CAS Desktop user who is reluctant to migrate to CAS 360?

Hello to all our CAS 360 users! Happy Friday :grinning:

We’d love to asking you 1 quick question…

What advice would you offer to a CAS Desktop user who is reluctant to migrate to CAS 360?

Please let us know your answer/thoughts in the comments below! :point_down:

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Just do it!! :slight_smile:

But seriously, I can understand if someone has reservations. I was a big fan of CAS Desktop. It was a bit clunky, but it did its job really well! I was afraid that CAS360 whilst looking modern and offering great new features, would not offer the same range of functionality.

My fears were unfounded! We switched to CAS360 during beta mode and have not looked back. Since then the product has continued to be enhanced and updated.

Cost is another reason you might hesitate, but if you charge the client an annual fee, the cost can be easily absorbed. And honestly, the software will save you so much time, especially if you use digitial signing!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I’m with @Anne.Wright - Make the jump!

I was a CAS Desktop user from 2006 - 2017, coming across shortly after it came out of beta mode. While initially there were teething problems in the very early stages, I can confidently say that those early concerns of mine are completely gone.

The immediate difference I noticed, and that was highlighted every time I opened CAS Desktop after the switch to check something, was that the difference in speed was phenomenal! CAS360 eclipses Desktop not only in the speed that the app itself runs, but also in how long it takes a user to complete virtually any task - it cut processing time of common transactions by more than half.

Annual Review processing is so quick now, especially with e-signing integration, and the preparation of common forms is just as swift and smooth.

Our firm also incorporates our own companies internally, so I can attest to just how good the document suite and software merge field functions are as the documents are using modern templates, giving much more flexibility in the instances where one has to export to Word or Excel and manually modify data (which is actually quite rare these days)

CAS360 is constantly being updated and improved, and the BGL Community is an excellent tool to discuss wishlist items with other users as well as CAS360 development staff. It’s also an excellent place to discuss processes with peers as well, should you need a second opinion or confirmation on a not-so-common transaction :slight_smile:

The support from BGL is excellent too, in assisting the transition and setup of document templates for your own business branding, as well as if you’re having issues in figuring something out.

I would have such a difficult time reverting back to CAS Desktop or to any other provider’s software, especially since there’s nothing that comes close to providing the breadth of services that CAS does for CorpSec work.

There you go Teagan! (@tcrozier) It might not be friday, but I hope that you & your marketing team can find something in my essay to help bring more folks to the 360 family! haha



Thank you so much Anne!

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond and love your comments! I’m sure the CAS 360 team loved reading this too! :grinning:

Would you mind if we used your feedback for marketing/testimonials?

Thank you again! :pray:



Laneth! Long time no chat! I hope you are well :smiley:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I greatly appreciate it and the CAS 360 team will too!

Yes, we can certainly use your comments and hopefully encourage more users to make the jump from desktop!

Thank you again! :pray:


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Hi Teagan, I’m happy for you to use my comments, I have no hesitation in recommending the software. :slight_smile: