Westfield aquisition by unibail

any idea how I input this transaction?

Hi @griff1902,

Take a look at our documentation on how to process the acquisition here:


Hope that helps

I did that but it would not process the disposal because the acquisition took the shares so there was nothing to dispose???

Hi @griff1902

Ensure that both:

  • URW.AX
  • OMN.AX

investment accounts are added to the funds chart of accounts and that the demerger is processed prior to attempting to process the corporate action from the corporate action screen.

We’d also recommend holding off on processing this corporate action until 10 business days have passed so that the VWAP of OneMarket Shares can be used to determine the demerged costbase of the OneMarket shares.

See the help file for more details:


To reverse a corporate action, find the processed corporate action and tick the box next to it then select Delete to undo that corporate action

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