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Creating a topic

To create a topic, click the New Topic button.


  • Asking a question
    If you would like other members of the community to vote on the best answer to your question, choose the question tag when creating the topic.
    This is optional, you can ask a question without the question tag to be a more open ended question that doesn’t necessarily have a correct answer.


  • Accepting an answer
    If you think that someone has answered your question, you can mark their answer as the solution by clicking the accept solution checkbox image underneath their post.
    This helps other users quickly find the answer if they have the same question in the future

Watching a topic

At the bottom of each topic you will see a “Tracking” button.


Click this button to change its settings to the following:

This allows you to receive notifications for each reply on topics that you find interesting.

From here

Take a look at some of the topics already in the community that give solutions for some commonly asked questions.

If you can’t see a topic that addresses your question, feel free to create your own and the friendly members of BGL community and the moderation team will be happy to help.

Community Trust

As you participate here, over time you’ll gain the trust of the community, become a full citizen, and new user limitations will be lifted. At a high enough trust level, you’ll gain new abilities to help us manage our community together.

We believe in civilized community behavior at all times.

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