Webinar: CAS 360 Templates 30/04/2020

In case you missed it - Check out our webinar on customising templates in CAS 360 presented by Ryan Boesley


Can you upload an electronic letterhead for letter templates? Or do you add the header & footer to each template?

you can copy-paste contents to a document with letterheads and then upload the document, Note that you will need to make changes for each template.

Can you delete old versions of templates?
Yes, you can, you can have as many or as few templates as you want.

With the emails can you enter the address manually or should it be in the contacts list already?

You can enter the address manually, however, it is better if it is in the contacts list already to avoid having to type every time

Is there a way to merge the company debt reminder email temple so that has the appearance of the classic but incorporate the pay now button?

Yes, it is possible. You can refer to this community post for more information: You can add a Pay Now button or link in the email or SMS to your clients to pay the ASIC fees

With Emails can you edit the email before it is sent?

Yes, that can be manually updated in the preview edit screen before clicking Send

How do you address 2 clients related to the same company? Example John & Mary

This has been forwarded to the development team as a wishlist improvement.

Can you change the name of the email template so it has more meaning instead of just a version number?

Yes, When you are creating the template the name of the template can be updated.

How do you change the address so it isn’t all on 1 line?

Please refer to the CAS 360 dictionary, we have codes such as ${companyRegisteredAddressMultiLine} that will split the addresses across multiple lines.

Could you please touch on changing the colour of the “Pay Now” or “Review Documents” buttons in the emails?
Please refer to the following FAQ How to change the colour of the 'Pay Now' button. – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre

Trust distribution minutes the order of the beneficiaries receiving a distribution can this be controlled in the template?

Thanks for the feedback at this stage it orders them alphabetically, we have added this to the wishlist.

On the Solvency Resolution template, how do you select just one of the Directors to be on it and not all?
You would need to go to the options and change it to a minute, the resolution is meant to be signed by all attending directors present.

Can you put the payment link into an SMS?

Yes you can use the ${postPayLink} merge field in the template

Can you use a Watermark to insert you Company Letterhead on the template as opposed to a picture?
Yes, you can edit directly on the downloaded word template

where do I find the documents/reminders that have been sent to clients? Are they kept for historical records?
You can click on the MESSAGES icon from the left-hand sidebar and then go to the Outbox tab

How to change the formating of Firm Name that is being picked up in Email Templates
Please log a support call and we can address this for you.

I also don’t want the Company Name in Capitals in the communication?
Please check the CAS dictionary for an alternative code for the template you wish to customise The CAS 360 Dictionary – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre

Can you add the Company Name into the Subject line of the Email for Annual reviews?
Yes you can use the merge field ${CompanyName} in the subject line

Currently, the “Pay Now” feature in the modern template only allows the client to pay via Post Bill Pay. Can we add BPAY to this function?
The link takes you to the post bill pay payment site rather than to one to pay bpay details, the bpay details will appear on the invoice that is sent through.

Can CAS send out auto debt reminder?
Thanks for your feedback we have added this to the wishlist.

Which merge field do I use to I send my annual review letter to all directors. Ie Dear Mary, Sam and Tom
Thanks for your feedback we have added this to the wishlist.

With Document Templates can you create your own template e.g. invoice and if so, can you add it to a group of templates so that it automatically generates?

Yes, the invoice can be customised and saved as a template.

how do I store reminder emails in our practice records since they did not get sent from my Outbox?

You can go to Settings Email Settings in CAS360 and enter your email address in the BCC Addresses field. By doing that you will always get a copy with the emails that is sent from CAS360

as we will be uploading different invoice with our fee and not the actual ASIC invoice, so in the email template, it will pick Annual review fee from the invoice we will be uploading or we need other merge fields?
The merge field looks at the data from the electronic file received from ASIC. However, an alternative for you would be to update the template to the charged amount.

In the editing the templates screen is there any facility to adjust line spacing
For Email Templates, changes can be made on-screen highlight the text and select Paragraph Style select either Bordered, spaced or uppercase.

Can you change the Date Formatting from DD/MM/YY to another such as 1st April 2020?

Please refer to the CAS 360 dictionary under miscellaneous - date formats, we have a whole range to choose from The CAS 360 Dictionary – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre