WBCPF to WBCPJ preference shares

These are both Westpac Capital Notes (Notes 3 = WBCPF) and Capital Notes (Notes 7 = WBCPJ).
Our client held 500 WBCPF and at 23/3/21 these were redeemed at $100 each and ceased to trade on the ASX. No money went into the client/holder bank account as the client/holder had been given (and taken up) the option to invest in 500 WBCPJ but not until 4/12/20 (takeup date). The Westpac paperwork describes this as a “reinvestment”.
So it is a return of capital of the 500 WBCPF but reinvestment in 500 WBCPJ without any paying out of money to the client/holder (on redemption) or from the client/holder on taking up the new offer (like a bonus share). The 2 sets of shares did exist alongside one another in the client/holder portfolio from 4/12/20 to 23/3/21.
Any ideas on how to process it very gratefully received.

Hi Magenta,

We would advise you to log a support ticket so one of our consultants would be able to help you further on this.