Validations Delays

Is anyone else still having major delays with Validation Reports??

Yep - I am! Having issues with lodging and outgoing emails

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Same Clients are saying they aren’t receiving my emails from CAS360 either??

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The issue with ASIC lodgements appears that ASIC are processing the global debt reports slower than normal over the last three days, this is causing a flow on effect for other lodgements. We have increased the lodgement capacity from our end.

The issue with the emails we are investigating at the moment.


I need to get into the habit of checking here more frequently - thanks for advising that you’re looking into the emails issue @Jeremy_H - Will an announcement within CAS360 be made once it is resolved, or should we keep our eyes open here?

We have resolved the issue with emails, Warren has explained in this post.

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I tried sending 4 emails to the same client yesterday and he never received any of the emails but when I checked my outbox it was there and said email delivered I also got them to check there junk mail and it wasn’t there either??

Also it is still taking ages to get Validations back??

With them emails if it is in the outbox then it was sent from our end. If the emails status is delivered this means that we have not received a rejection or bounce back from the recipients email server.
Unfortunately if it is not in the recipients inbox it may be an issue on the recipients side.

With Validations not coming back yet, this is still an existing issue, we have seen today that it is slower than yesterday and we are waiting on ASIC to get back to us regarding this.

ASIC has confirmed that they are having intermittent issues and slowness, they are currently looking into this