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In Help it says " BGL’s ASX and UUT Automatic Data Feed is included in your subscription to Simple Fund 360." My price feeds for listed stocks work fine, as the security codes are obvious. Nowhere in Help can I find what the security codes are for unlisted managed funds needed for the UUT feed to work. I have tried the APIR codes but these don’t seem to work.

Anybody have any experience getting this type of feed to work?

Anybody from BGL please able to give me an answer on this question?

Hi Shocker,

Thank you for the question. Do you have the name of the managed fund and the APIR code that you have used to search for price?

Hi Anna

The fund is Harvest Lane Absolute Plus Fund and the APIR code is FHT6993 AU.

Thank you for the information.
I have followed up with our feed provider. They haven’t got this investment trust in their database. However they have been in contact with the Fund manager to request for data. Once it is available, they will include it in our feed.
Thank you and kind regards,

Thanks Anna – much appreciated.

I would still like to get clearer instructions on where to enter the APIR code if that is how the UUT Feed is loaded, which I can’t find anywhere in the help section. For example, do I enter FHT6993 or FHT6993AU as the Security Code for
the investment?


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Hi Shocker,

When the security is available through our feeds, usually you don’t have to enter the APIR code manually. The security code and name is available on our investment list when you switch the toggle to Global View (If you already select a fund, it is default to Fund View). Only those securities that are not available yet through the feed and price need to updated manually, then you will need to add a new security with the APIR code. In your example, the code can be entered as FHT6993AU. I will also pass on your feedback to our doc team to improve the instruction. Let me know if you have any question.


Thanks Anna – I understand better now.

Hi David,

The Harvest Lane Asset Mgmnt Abs Pls Fd has been added in our UUT feed.

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Thanks Anna

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