Unlinking Investments


I have an unlisted trust with the wrong security code attached to it so that when it gets revalued its at the wrong price.

How can I unattach it from the wrong security code and attach it to another?


Hi @Petamgijd,

Thank you for your post on our BGL Community.

Once the correct security is added to the Investment Security List, the security that is attached to the existing Account Code can be changed in the Chart of Accounts (Accounting >> Chart of Accounts) by selecting the Account Code and then changing the Security from the drop down menu.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Damien, that worked.

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On the same topic but different issue. I have a unit trust that somebody has assigned their own random code rather than using for example QOZ.AX from the ā€˜securitiesā€™ list when adding it as a new investment. I now want to assign the QOZ.AX code but I get the message ā€˜Investment code already exists for another investmentā€™. How do I fix this problem?