Unitholders Meeting Attendees

Does anyone know where the attendees are controlled for a unitholders meeting?

I’m seeing people listed on the Minutes who haven’t been unitholders in years!


Hey Anne,

My hunch would be to “edit” the transactions (possibly each transaction, unfortunately) for the offending unitholder to see whether they are still listed as “attendee”, despite having their units transferred out, etc.

At one stage I came across this for shareholders for a very brief time, and that was how I sorted that out. Pretty sure the unit section is still quite underdeveloped in certain aspects.


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You are spot on, thank you so much, @Laneth. I hadn’t taken much notice of the Meeting Status field, if I had, I would have assumed it wouldn’t apply once the unitholder ceased to hold units.

In case anyone else has this issue… I found I only needed to edit one transaction for each holder, and if a holder has “Non Attendee” selected on one transaction it will override any instances where the same holder has “Attendee” selected.


Oh that’s good to know about only having to edit one instance, thanks @Anne.Wright :slight_smile:

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