Unit consideration on members registers

Hi. With Member / Unit Register issue, with a consideration of say $80,000, why does it show on Unit Certificate as correctly paid consideration $80,000 and on members register it shows total paid $80,001. Should I only be putting in $79,999.00 as the client is paying a total of $80,000 for all units?

Hey @DebR,

Thanks for asking/sharing this issue with us here in the community - it’s good for us users to be aware of such potential issues occurring on our ends as well, prior to a fix being rolled out.

As far as why it’s happening, personally cannot say, but my best advice would be to either contact BGL via their live support chat through CAS360 or to log it as a support call.

If this isn’t already a known issue with a fix in progress, it’s possible they aren’t aware of it and would be grateful to get a fixed squared away quick-smart.

That being said, it may not be an issue.
How many units are there in total? It could be an arithmetic issue, or it could be that the par value vs consideration paid per share value is the issue.

This isn’t particularly my area of expertise and we’d benefit from having either a BGL staffer or someone more experienced with this whole process to jump in and assist. Hopefully we can find out soon :slight_smile: