Unit Certificate Errors

Hi Everyone,

I have just come across a unit register that had a few of the numbers mixed up, which I am assuming happened during the migration. There was a unit certificate numbered P1 (in desktop) but when it has come to 360 it has changed to 3, which has mixed up some of the other certificate numbers.

Has anyone else noticed any errors in Unit Certificate numbers after migration?

Hey Stephanie,

There seem to be a couple of discrepancies in the Unitholders Register, another which is the ordering of transactions when multiple transactions occur on the same date for the same unitholder.

We raised this with @andytamBGL and Jeremy at the last CAS usergroup meeting and they said that this was being worked on.

If you’ve noticed an issue during the migration of a company/trust, I’d put in a support call and get them to look into the issue because it might not be a known issue and may have effected others.

Until now, the only real fix has been to export to Word and manually alter the Register / other docs to get them to appear correctly. Hoping to see it fixed in an update soon!

Hope that helps a little?