TRUSTS - Individual Trustee - More than one

Hello All
How do I add a 2nd individual Trustee on a Trust record in CAS360?
Would appreciate any help that you can offer!
Thanks All

Hey Elizabeth,

It would be my understanding that CAS360 doesn’t have the functionality to have a “joint trustee” feature at this time, but it would definitely be good to be requested - especially when having to enter in trusts that have multiple individual trustees, etc.

Hi Elizabeth - I think you create a joint contact in the contacts section, then use it as the trustee.

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Yes this would be the best way for now

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Hello Andy, I have added a joint member in contacts but CAS 360 is not picking it up the joint contact when trying to add it a s trustee. Any ideas?

Hi @corporateservices

Time files in software, we released an update on June 2nd that changed this process and actually allowed you to have multiple trustees on a trust without having to create a joint member. Hopefully to the joy of @Laneth @ewiltshire & @Elizabeth who requested this last year.

Now if you have a trust with more than one trustee, just go to the Relationships tab for that trust, and add another trustee. Also now you can also prepare the trustee appointment / cessation minute or resolution.

Help link about adding a trustee is here -