Trustee Query - improvements

Hi, I like the new feature, but its not quite reflective of how the query process in our practice works.


At the moment either junior staff or outsourced accountants process the fund and create a word doc with queries for the manager to review. Would it be possible to track these within BGL as steps prior to a query leaving the practice to either trustee or external adviser? And for that manager to get alerted there are queries to review, and determine which ones need to go out to trustee/adviser, and which ones can be resolved internally?

Non Transaction Queries

Funds that have property or other unlisted investments that need a market valuation - could BGL include tracking for those types of queries?

Email Template

The template defaults to the trustee as the email address, but often its the adviser or administrator that can answer the queries/provide further source docs. Can we have additional templates or set them up ourselves, and set those as a default?

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