Trustee Edition; Lodge through Tax Agent without "adding in" as a client fund therefore using one of the allocated licences

My client runs their own trustee edition of simplefund, and I want to be able to to lodge their tax return through the firms’ PLS. Do I need to add the fund in as a client (somehow) so as to be able to do this, and if so, does this use up an allocated license? Can it be lodged without doing this and not setting up the lodging party in the clients’ file?

Hello Mikey, thank you for your query.

You will need to be set up as a lodging party on the Simple Fund 360 license that is lodging the return. For assistance with adding yourself as a lodging party, please see our lodging party help article here

If you still require assistance, please log a support call and one of our support consultants will help you with the process. For assistance with logging a support call, please see our article on how to log a support call here

Thanks Mikey.

Thanks Ryan.

I note that in the lodging party screen (editing/setting up) there is the option to lodge as trustee.

Is there any info on doing this, how it works etc, who it should be, etc?

My client wants to retains their trustee edition and have some measure of control over lodging returns.

Having a Trustee lodging-party option seems consistent with the self-assessment system.