Trust Tax Return electronic lodgment

Did you know… clients can now electronically lodge the 2021 Trust Tax Return in Simple Invest 360?!

The Trust Tax Return functionality was released in two parts, with the paper trust tax return and associated schedules released in February 2022 (click here to learn more) and the electronic lodgment functionality released in June 2022 (click here to learn more).

The Trust Tax Return functionality includes:

  • A Trust Tax Return, populated by the Simple Invest 360 tax calculation engine
  • Support for the 2021 Trust Tax Return (paper/printed AND electronic)
  • Associated schedules:
    • CGT Schedule
    • Losses Schedule
    • Rental Schedule
    • Attachment Schedule
  • Invalid field navigation to help speed up validation
  • Plus, dynamic links to ATO help

Click here to visit Simple Invest 360 online help and learn more about this feature!