Trust Deeds - can they be scanned in or do we need hard copies also


Just wondering if it is still necessary to keep original copies of trust deeds in hard copy or can they be scanned into CAS360 and then printed out later?


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Each firm has their own way of approaching this.

You can hold them or the client can hold them, but it is advisable that someone has them. Not for any other reason than banks usually want to see the originals.

Down the years, there might be amendments to make, so it’s best to keep the hardcopies of the deeds and amendments all in one place. Otherwise it might become necessary to have a lost deed recreated, which adds to the cost for the client.

We have recently implemented a new process in returning these documents to our clients due to no longer having capacity to store these in our office. However as there are usually multiple original copies of the deeds issued we are still retaining 1 original copy of each deed & amendments for the reason @JulieN has noted above to cut down on our storage needs. But we also keep electronic copies for easy referencing when an original is not required.

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Oh yes, definitely keep a soft copy. Always.