Transaction Matching (Buy & Sell )


I have a problem matching one of our transactions. Could you help me?
In the bank transaction, the amount is already net $1,826.32
To match,
Purchase details $100,313.91
Sell $ -$98,305.59

However, there’s a red note that ’ please select 5142 units so I can’t match the transactions

How to properly record this transaction?

This link might help

You may have the disposal method set to manual which means you have to select the parcel of shares/units to dispose of.

Another cause can be if you are buying and selling the same investment in the same transaction. In this case, the purchase needs to be journalled and posted, then the sale can be journalled and posted.

Hi Christine,

Yes, I did the second one.
If I will manually journalised the purchase and sale.
After that, can I match it with the bank statement?