TPM - TPG name change

Hi all,
I’m a new SF360 user and SF360 is prompting me to change a shareholding in TPM to TPG due to a takeover. It is just a name change with no change in shareholding no. or cost base, but the system is
prompting me to put a market value at date of takeover. Why? The cost base should not change. What is everyone else putting in that field? Thanks

Hi Pam,

Welcome to SF360 and thanks for your enquiry.

Regarding this TPG Merger, it may be more than a name change and has further tax implications, hence the system requires you to put in Total Market Value.

Please refer to the below ASX link for further information. The tax implications section starts from page 117.

Please note BGL does not provide tax advice, but we trust the link above solves the issue.

Please let us know if any further questions.