Top 5 things to understand about actuarial certificates for 2018/19 returns | Webinar (Recording) with Heffron

Hosted by Meg Heffron, Managing Director of SMSF specialist firm Heffron and Jeevan Tokhi, Head of API at BGL. This is a much watch webinar!

This webinar (recording) covers:

  • Latest rules on which funds need actuarial certificates
  • Quirks to watch for with funds moving between full pension phase and part pension / part accumulation
  • How you can optimise a client’s ECPI
  • Expense deductions and ECPI percentages
  • Simple mistakes to avoid when using the BGL / Heffron actuarial service

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Recorded live on Tuesday, 28 August 2019

One of the clearest, best presented webinars I have seen of recent times.

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