The Responsible ASIC Registered Agent online course

Did you know that over 400 ASIC registered agents, company secretarial officers, responsible persons and ASIC administrators have attended ‘The Responsible ASIC Registered Agent webinar’?

The course has been developed by CorpSec Services and is designed to provide ASIC Registered Agents with an in-depth understanding of their role and obligations as an agent and company secretarial practices. It’s the only course of its type offering agents with practical guidance on minutes, governance documentation, constitutions, replaceable rules, annual company statements, company changes and much, much more.

The course is offered in partnership with BGL and endorsed by the CAS product team.

To view the course outline, testimonials or to register for the upcoming webinars, visit our page here.

CorpSec Services


Is there a cost for the Webinars Or are they free?

Hi Kezza,
Yes there is a cost for this webinar. The Course Outline, available dates and registration cost can be found here.

Thanks for your interest in the course.