The Modern Compliance Advisory Firm Webinar (Recording) with Paul Meissner

Presented by Paul Meissner, From the Trenches Podcast co-host and Director at 5ways Group Chartered Accountants - this is a much watch webinar!

About this webinar (recording):

The webinar will focus on the interrelationships between People, Processes and Systems, and the positive role that technology can play in a small firm: Hint: No one loses their job at the end! This webinar will cover:


  • The truth about technology’s disruption on compliance
  • The small firm technology app stack and how it is different from large firms;
  • Systems that allow the smallest firm to scale, grow and bat above their weight.


  • The Value Billing myth.
  • A practical look at Fixed Fee Billing.
  • Compliance advisory pricing and being paid for what you do.

People - The power of any business!

  • Staff and the new ‘Agile’ management style
  • Clients and how online technology breeds closer relationships
  • How a firm owner and their staff can efficiently and effectively work remotely.

These topics aren’t theoretical, they aren’t observations by marketing people selling to Accountants. These are real world experiences delivered in an honest and practical way.

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