Template Document Construction

I would like to enter the directors/Trustees at the foot of a document with a signature space for each, similar to that appearing at the foot of the Member Statements.
Can you please identify which of the codes I should input?
I have referred to the “CustomLetter Report Template” and can not id a reference to the output for both /all Trustees of a Fund which is not on a single line, or provides a response for every member with a Member Account (Pension & Accum)-i.e. repeated names several times, or only identifies one Trustee.


Hey @Rosalie,

I’ve logged a feature request for this.

In the interim, try using the codes below when creating your custom document:


For example, check out the custom document below:


For a fund with only 1 trustee, the following report will be produced:


What you will need to do is make a custom report for each of the following:

  • fund with 2 trustees
  • fund with 3 trustees
  • fund with 4 trustees

Then when producing the report, select the right fund count “version” of the report and use that.

Hopefully that helps.

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