Tax Automation error

Can anyone tell me how to correct an incorrext trust tax automation Entry?


Presuming you’re talking about the tax components part of it rather than the pretty awesome ‘Auto’ accrual Journals.

If you go to the main transaction screen you’ll find the actual transaction it created on 30/6 as a single lined NIL journal which has all the tax components for you to edit. You could even delete it there and then re-do from the Compliance Automation screen making your corrections there.

If you choose to edit the transaction do not add a transaction line to the journal because BGL SF360 will not let you delete it and you will not be able to save your changes until you give that line a dummy account.

BG SF360 System created single line journals = A-ok
User created single line journal = illegal operation.

Thank you. That is simple and wonderful. I really appreciate your assistance.