Supplementary Document & Share Transfers/allotments etc

Just went to do my first Supplementary Document in CAS360 and found you cannot pick an existing document like you used to in CAS Desktop, this is a bit annoying as you have to go in and find all the information, then go back and enter into the form. It was so much easier having the option to select a form from the Company Documents in CAS Desktop & the information entered for you.

Also with allotment of Shares or transfers etc, very annoying that when you have several you have to keep on re-entering the information. In CAS Desktop you could hit the ‘+’ and it would keep the date & other information and you could just keep on adding. Whereas CAS360 you add one, go out & have to go back in & enter the date etc all over again. Takes so much longer especially if you have a lot of transfers or allotments to do.

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Hi @SchuhGroup

Thank you for sending this through,

Both of these items are on our wishlist to add in future updates.

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