SuperStream Rollovers Confirmations

i have a rollover that was processed through the superstream system. the fund has acknowledged in email that they have received the information and the money, currently they have not done this through the superstream system though. i note that as they have not done it the transaction has not posted etc.

what have people done in this case. delete the superstream entry, waited (this has now been 3 months) is bgl able to force the processing from the background. i am tryinbg to get the 2021 accounts finished for this one and this is just holding it up now.

Hi Lisa,

The receiving fund needs to send back a confirmation (Rollover Transaction Outcome Response - RTOR message) via SuperStream channel for the rollover to be marked as completed and transaction to be posted.

When the RTOR is never received but the payment has been confirmed, our advice is to contact the receiving fund directly and request the RTOR message to be sent.

In a few instances we have seen, some APRA funds had difficulty in responding back with the RTOR due to payment is manually matched with message, they sent an email confirmation instead.
In this case, the transaction needs to be posted manually.
The SuperStream status will stay at “Awaiting Payment Confirmation” - we would advise to leave the SuperStream request as it is and use the email confirmation as an evidence the rollover is complete for audit purpose.
Please also check with your auditor for the best course of action.

Why is this so hard for APRA Funds? I’ve just had a client say that they called the APRA Fund (UniSUper) we are rolling funds into, they have acknowledged that they received the SuperStream request, but they only respond by mail once the transaction is complete.