Superstream rollover and receiving fund notification

We are having issues with processing a rollover through Superstream.

We have processed the transaction in BGL to the point where it is “awaiting confirmation” from the receiving fund, however the receiving fund continues to claim they have not received any notification or electronic message on their end and are unable to match up a conversation ID which means they are unable to accept the funds.

The details used have been checked and match those provided to us by the receiving fund, we have also been in contact with BGL and they have confirmed the transaction was successfully processed through the gateway by way of receiving a conversation id and payment reference no.

We have tried this twice now with no luck and the issue has been ongoing for months. Is there any suggestions on how to make this work or any alternative options for us processing this rollover not through SuperStream? We are struggling to know who can help us with this issue when the receiving organisation say they have not received notification. Any ideas would be appreciated thank you

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I have had the same issues whereby the APRA funds does not acknowledge any electronic submission from BGL. I ended up asking my client to go to APRA so they could initiate the rollover from their end. I have had the same issues with a number of APRA funds so I have given up initiating rollovers from BGL and in future will just get them to do it. Not the answer you are looking for I am sure but it gets the job done and yes mine took ages too.

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Thanks for your feedback Lesley. We have reached out to the ATO for their thoughts.

Hi @Sharon888, I am from the product team in BGL looking after SuperStream. Are you able to send me an email to and provide me with the ConversationID, Payment reference no. and any related support ticket reference no. ? We’ll review and see if we can help you further with this.

Yes, Lesley’s idea to initiate the rollover from the receiving fund i.e. APRA fund is another option.

Was there any update on this?

I’m hearing industry funds in particular are telling all sorts of rubbish to members - that the funds go to the ATO; there’s no EFT any more; etc

Hi Jo have finally closed the matter for our client and appreciate your assistance thank you.

No worries @Sharon888. Glad it is finally sorted out for you :grinning: