SuperStream / ESA

Has anyone notified the ATO about new Electronic Service Address (ESA)? Can it be done using Online Service for Agent (Tax Agent Portal)? If so, how to do it? Thank you in advance.

Yes on the tax agent portal under Profile then Client details

Unfortunately there is no editable field under Profile > Client Detail… :cry:

So far I am aware, it may be done using Business Portal but not Tax Agent Portal

Yes on the Tax Agent portal. Your login client id the fund. Go to client details, check each option and you will see it. it may show either no ESA or the last one that has been used. Complete the field or edit the field.

Yes as per replies above, it can be done on the tax agent portal under details.

Thank you all for the information. Apparently the “Client Details” of this particular client can not be edited at all. We had to update the ESA through message (practice message). We are still waiting for the news from the ATO why the “Client Details” can not be edited.