Superstream Error - Roll in - Rejected by APRA Fund

I’ve created a rollover in as the receiving fund for a new SMSF. I have set up the ESA (BGLSF360), and this is listed as the ESA on the Fund details with the ATO. The fund is showing
However, I have received a rejection from the APRA Fund with the error code SUPER.GEN.GEN.25 “unable to verify SMSF Information”
How do I fix this so the rollover goes through?

Ok - I found the answer (I think) - I hadn’t updated the Financial Institution details on the ATO Portal.

Hi John,

This error may occur when SMSF details are not fully updated with ATO. Hopefully, after your update (e.g. the Financial Institution details mentioned above), the issue can be resolved when sending new rollover requests moving forward.

If not, please log a support ticket.


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