SuperStream Contribution Data Report

Are the developers aware that the Excel version of the ‘SuperStream Data Report’ comically shifts each members subtotals 1 column to the right?

The total of ‘Employer’ is in under ‘Personal-NCC’, ‘Personal-NCC’ is under Spouse & Child etc etc.

The Grand Totals are Shifted 2 columns to the the right.

The PDF & Word versions are fine.

Hi @Freman

Thank you for alerting us to the issue. Yes you’re right. There is an issue with the Excel report. We’ll look into fixing the issue.



Thank you, while you are at it you guys need to review and correct all EXCEL exports (eg General Ledger) and stop the utterly stupid practice you have of including “DR” or “CR” as part of the actual number cell which renders the contents of the cell useless for formulas etc. The “DR” & “CR” is supposed to be in its own column so the numbers are actual numbers not text made to look like numbers.


Hi @Freman

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass it to the relevant team.

In the interim you could use the following Excel formula to omit the DR / CR.

=LEFT(H14, LEN(H14)-3)
Please replace with the cell in question.

So it’ll become like the following: -

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @Freman

I am pleased to inform you that the Excel format for the SuperStream Contribution Data Report has been resolved now.


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@jng Excellent, thank you for getting that seen to.

Next error (smart matching screen);
Annotation (32)

The preset descriptions have been described badly (either bad English or in error)

‘Current Entity FY’ should be either ‘Entity’s Current FY’ or just plain ‘Current FY’
‘Next Entity FY’ should be either ‘Entity’s Next FY’ or just plain ‘Next FY’
or better yet be consistent and match with the transactions screen filter :wink:

For a split second I questioned why I’d be interested in applying the Next entity’s FY to the one I’m working on right then and there. LOL

Thank you this has been fixed