Sunsuper Roll out

Has anyone successfully rolled out of an smsf to sunsuper. My client tried to do this but the bank couldn’t do the transfer because of the BSB as it is an agency BSB. Which I had checked with BGL and it is the correct BSB.

Hi Tricia,

We would suggest you to log a support ticket so one of our consultants can look into the issue for you.


I did this and all I received from support was the details were correct. I have since went down the following path - phoned the ATO to see if they had any solutions, which they had no advice, I phoned the Suncorp bank and then asked them if they knew of a reason why the bank could not use the BSB and they suggested the BSB was all good. Eventually we found out it was the Suncorp bank couldn’t use the overnight transfer on this BSB. Sunsuper still didn’t reject my rollover so we used the same reference number. We are waiting patiently for them to receive and match. They have told the client it could take 10 days. We are already at 9 days before they even add on their possible 0 days. Definitely not 3 days as per legislation. (I thought this might be helpful for anyone else who experiences difficulties with Sunsuper. I found this very stressful as the client did have to travel a fair distance to their local bank and was anxious to correct the issue when they were first at the bank).