Starting a feed - Macquarie Wrap

When you go through the process to connect a feed (eg Macquarie Wrap), how long does it actually take for the transactions to come through? I’ve done the ‘re-request’ for transactions back to 1/7/18 but does this happen overnight, or what sort of timeframe?


Thank you for your post on our BGL Community.

With regards to your query, the Macquarie Wrap Data Feeds (Including historical transactions) should be received within 24-48 hours, as long as:

  1. The Macquarie ESI Credentials are valid and have been entered into the “Adviser Management” section of the Wraps & Platforms screen; and
  2. The External Account ID is correctly entered into the setup screen and is also linked to the ESI Credentials entered in.

However, if you are still having issues with this, please feel free to log a support ticket via the phone icon in your Simple Fund 360 software and our Support Team will get in touch with you to further assist.

I hope this helps you in the meantime and hope you have a great evening.