SRN / Investor Number & Registry

Where do you enter the SRN or investor number and the registry details or investment manager information in 360 against individual investment accounts. It was simple, intuitive and very useful in desktop but I cannot find it in 360. I figure you could attach an image of the document to the account but that is much more time consuming than just keying a number and selecting the registry from a drop down list in desktop.

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Hey @DEW

Sounds like you want to set up the Registry Data Service which forms part of the Share Data Pack.

The Registry Data Service in Simple Fund 360 receives holding balances (data only) on a quarterly basis from the registries and reconciles your unit holdings against the SF360 ledger which will then determine if you have any variances.

For more detail on the setup process check out the help :

To attach any document or file to a transaction refer to the following help article.

No I just want to enter the SRN or investor account number in the investment account details like I could in desktop. It was a very quick and convenient way to find out the SRN or investor or account number for an investment just to pull up the account details screen if you are contacting the investment manager. Saved having to troll through hard copy statements to find it. I can see that you can enter the registry or manager in the other details screen for an investment account. It is not as fast or convenient as desktop where you entered all the details for an investment manager in the names list including phone, fax, email address and then could select to link to a particular investment account.
I had assumed that you could attach an image of the investment statement to the investment account but I see that I was mistaken.

Hey @DEW

Thanks for your feedback at this stage you at correct in that you can record the HIN/SRN it in the more details panel or alternatively you can track this information by creating a fund note from the document screen.

(Reports —>Documents —> Select New fund Note)

I have passed your feedback to the development team for review.