Software enhancement suggestions

I’ve just sent some suggestions via Feedback. Do others agree that these would be useful features?

  1. We would like to see the Vesting Date including on the Trust Listing report. Some of our trusts are approaching their Vesting Date and we currently have no way of easily accessing or reporting this information.

  2. The ability to upload and store important documents such as Certificate of Registration, Trust Deeds, possibly even the Company Register.

EDIT: Warren has just let me know that we can upload documents…

In the Documents screen click on ‘Upload’ on the top left, and you can add a new document record for a trust or company, name this however you like, and add attachments.

I have used this feature before, but only for adding forms… I never thought of using it for registration documents etc. Does anyone else use it for this purpose, and do you find it’s easy for people to locate documents?

thanks :slight_smile:


It’s great that you can upload these documents but I think these important permanent documents should be kept in a separate area.