SMSF Loans with Simple Fund 360 - Live Webinar Recording

Super LX enables SMSFs to determine their borrowing ability and to electronically complete a loan application using their CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 data.

Presented by John Chauvel and Adam Smith, Directors and Co-Founders of Super Loan Exchange - This is a much watch webinar!

This webinar (recording) covers:

  • An introduction to Super Loan Exchange
  • A regulatory update and why there’s more certainty around LRBAs today
  • How to assess your client's SMSF credit risk and distinguishing credit risk from investment risk
  • The simplest way to arrange an SMSF loan for you and /or your client
  • The SuperLX and BGL integration in practice

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Recorded live on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Presentation PDF: