SMSF Annual Return 2018 Section K - Corporate Trustee not showing

Non individual trustee name in Section K is blank and greyed out and can’t be edited.
Could someone tell me how to get the Corporate Trustee shown here. Worked OK last year!

Hi @Jackie,

I’ve raised a support ticket for you number: 172776.

One of our consultants will shortly be in touch.

I have the same problem!

I have a trustee defined in the fund’s relationships section, its a Corporate Trustee.

How do I fix this?

Is there an answer to this query please?

Hi Khai,

Thank you for reaching out.

Generally when lodging returns as a corporate trustee, this ‘Non-Individual Trustee Name’ should auto-populate when you have a company contact type with directors (trustees) attached as the trustee in fund > fund relationships.

In addition to this, you would need to select this corporate trustee contact as your lodging party in settings > lodging party. And ensure to select lodging as a trustee.

Once you have ensured both of the above, please click update lodging party:

If you have done all of the above and are the area is still not auto-populated, please create a support ticket and we would be more than happy to look into this.

Kind regards,
Evelynn Lim
Support Team Leader

If it still doesn’t work after trustee contact and relationships set up properly, the reason could be ATO does not allow lodging party = trustee company if trustee company does not have ABN. This is the answer I got from BGL support after they investigated for quite some time.

Hi Khen.
I have also taken this up with BGL Support in the past. Have you managed to resolve this? I am wondering if I need to apply for an ABN for the trustee company so that the non-individual trustee name populates in the tax return. In previous years I have just submitted the tax return without the non-individual trustee name.

Hi Jackie

I was told by BGL after about a week of investigations by BGL that the reason for this is because the ATO requires corporate trustee to have an ABN in order to lodge electronically (it wasn’t an issue when I used to work for an accountant because the lodger was the accounting firm not the trustee but now I’m retired I am lodging under trustee not the accounting firm). As far as I know, there isn’t anything in the law that requires it, it’s just one of the ATO’s software requirements. In the past, I did not have an ABN for the corporate trustee because it’s a superannuation trustee company that specifically does not engage in any activity other than act as the SMSF’s trustee. Hence it always uses the super fund’s ABN on any transactions eg with the bank, buying shares etc etc, why would it need its own ABN? Anyway, I got one for the corporate trustee following this issue and once I put that into BGL, the tax return worked OK and that issue was resolved.

Hope that helps


Thanks Khen for your prompt and helpful reply. I guess I will have to apply for an ABN for the corporate trustee. Just more paperwork!