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Has anyone figured out a way to add sign here stickers to the word templates that look decent when it sends the PDF to the client? This is for when we are sending PDFs to clients directly through 360 (not DocuSign).


You can edit the template in Word and insert a jpeg picture of a Sign Here sticker.

I used the Snipping Tool to copy and save a picture of the Sign Here sticker from a PDF document created in Adobe Acrobat.

Screen shot of my template attached


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Hi @ewiltshire,

Further to @Anne.Wright’s great response, you can also refer to the below Help Article link for assistance with having the “Sign Here” stickers in all of the word document templates in CAS 360:

I hope this helps with your query, have a great evening.

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Hi Damien,
How do you add sign here’s to Actual ASIC forms? I have added to all word document templates. We don’t use docusign or adobe sign? There are no ASIC form templates.



Hi Damien,
I have already used snipping tools on all word documents and they are terrific. How can i access the actual ASIC form e.g. Form 484, F362, any ASIC forms, not the attachments. Do I have to download ASIC form, attach with snipping tool & upload back into CAS before sending to the client through CAS?

Thanks Deb

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Hi @DebR

Thank you for your reply, my apologies for the delayed response.

Fantastic to hear that it is working well with the Document Templates!

With the Word Document Templates, we have allowed clients the ability to download and customise them as CAS 360 will automatically populate the merge fields in the Document Production screen when preparing documents.

With the ASIC forms, unfortunately this is not the same process since it can vary. Therefore, your suggestion with exporting it to add in the ‘Sign Here’ labels before uploading it to the Document Production screen again as part of the document pack is a great idea and should work, particularly if you are not looking to use Digital Signing at all. However, this would need to be done each time an ASIC form is prepared.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your assistance Damien





Thanks Damien will give it a go

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