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The “Boardroom” registry’s Chess identifier (HIN) is a ‘leading 0’ digit less after the X than that used for “Computershare”. After entering the 10 digit number against the Shareholding (eg STO), Simplefund edits my entry by increasing it to the 11 digit number with the extra ‘leading 0’. Will this affect the retrieval of corresponding share data from the Registry?

Hi @Rosalie

At the moment, only Computershare and Link Market Services are supported for integration in the Registry Data Service.

For more information, please feel free to take a look at the below link:

Hope that helps

Thanks Steven – that explains it perfectly.

I’m finding that there are several occasions where BGL360 allows for information to be input even though the program is not yet sourcing inputs from certain providers – is it possible to insert alerts or warnings to prompt the user at the point of data entry regarding such limitations?

For example, in this situation, it allowed me to input data even though the program acknowledges the Shareholding is managed by the Boardroom Registry – an unsupported Registry (that you need to refer to the help files to find out that there are some unsupported Registries, as the message at the top of the input screen states it is for “each Australian Share Registry” – not a limited selection of them……which is rather misleading).


Perhaps the message at the top of the screen could be edited with – **Not currently available for Boardroom; Advanced or Security Transfer Registries until they are integrated.



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