Share data dividend feeds not working

Has anyone had an issue with dividend feeds not flowing through to trial balance? I have my contract notes set up and buys/sells are flowing through but not my dividends. I have set up Registry Data through Share Data Pack but no dividends are being recorded. This does not happen for all my funds. Some work, some don’t.

I have no idea why this is. Any advice is welcome? Lesley Mitchell (Lenton Partners)

Have you got a bank feed set up for the fund/s with issues?

If you are getting feeds from a broker, I don’t think that would include dividends as that would come from the registry.

I didn’t think dividends came through from either the broker or registry - just they are related to the actual shareholding, so the Corporate Actions (data from BGL) will either match bank deposit or expect a DRP.

The date the dividends are banked will be the problem, if the date varies about 10-15 days before or after the official date of payment of the dividend - Simple Fund will not automatically code the dividend to the correct account - though the smart matching screen helps with the manual allocation process a lot.

Thank you for your comments. They were very helpful. Lesley