Share Certificate Number

CAS automatically defaults the share certificate number to 0. Is there a way to make the default start from 1?
That way I can avoid forgetting to update the share certificate numbers.

Hello Jen

When entering a new share transaction, the default certificate number will be the largest existing certificate number for that company plus 1.

If there are no existing share transactions, the default share certificate number will be 1.

When I load a new company onto CAS the default is 0 and therefore I have to go in manually and change it. sometimes I forget to do and realise until after I have done a new share transaction and have to reprepare the share certificate all over again because the certificate number is 0

Hello Jen

Thanks for the information :slightly_smiling_face:
I will pass this info to the development team and have a look

Jen mentioned “loading” the company into CAS - Jen, do you mean when you import the company from ASIC download? In this case the Share Certificate numbers are 0 because ASIC doesn’t have that information. When I import a company from ASIC I always make a point of checking the Share Cert numbers, share issue date, beneficial owner and public officer as ASIC doesn’t provide any of this information.

ok thanks Anne. I thought it CAS might have a default setting or something.

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