September New Features Webinar recording

Hi All,

The CAS360 September 2018 New Features webinar recording is now available

Better late than never I suppose

Session will cover

  • New features from last 5 CAS360 update
  • Note - Last webinar was, July 2018 - covering all ASIC invoice changes, and new features ALSO webinar before was in May 2018 - all about Company Registrations in CAS360 - Both on the community now

2 way SMS’s have arrived!

  • SMS Reminders - You can now send a SMS reminder to your clients about upcoming document deadlines and ASIC invoices.
  • Client SMS Responses - Your clients can also respond to SMS messages sent through CAS360 allowing you confirm important information before lodging.
  • SMS Tracking - All SMS’s that you send and receive are tracked in the messages screen giving you a full and transparent history.

CAS360 Version 36 - 26/07/2018

New Features Include

  • Annual Review Invoice - You can now send the official ASIC Annual Review Invoice via the CAS360 Company Debt reminder
  • Resolution Date format - CAS360 will now remember the last used Resolution Date Format for your user account
  • Acis. and CAS360 Integration - Users can now link Acis and CAS360 together. This will allow you to use CAS360 data when creating Companies and Trusts in Acis. Users will also be able to push newly created entities from Acis to CAS360.
  • Added editable template for Document Review
  • Add infinite loading to Messages | Inbox screen
  • Added hover so users can see long trust names in full

CAS360 Version 37 - 09/08/2018

New Features Include

  • ASIC Form 405 - You can now prepare ASIC Form 405 - Statement to verify financial statements of a foreign company.
  • Consent to act as public officer - You can now prepare the consent to act as public officer in the Company Registration Post-Incorp Documents process.
  • Add address and birth details when appointing an officer - You can now enter the missing address or birth details of an existing contact from the Officers screen when you are appointing an officer.
  • Include premiums in the amount paid column in the Unitholders Register - You can now choose to include the premium amounts in the amount paid column in the Unitholders Register.
  • Suppress data in Company Report - You can now prepare a Company Report that does not contain addresses or birth details.
  • 14 Other improvements and fixes

CAS360 Version 38 - 23/08/2018

New Features Include

  • Re-Send DocuSign documents - You can now re-send DocuSign documents from the Company Deadline Alert Reminders.
  • Track signing status - You can now track the DocuSign signing status from the Company Deadline Alert Reminders.
  • New Email Template - A new email template has been added for Digital Signing Document Deadline Reminders.
  • Edit label names - You can now edit the name of the label in the Manage Labels screen.
  • Notice Of Members Meeting - You can now prepare a Notice Of Members Meeting along with other shareholder transaction documents.
  • New Merge fields for Officer appointment dates - You can now choose to include the Officer appointment dates in the Minutes, Resolution and Consent to act with the new merge fields.
  • New Merge fields for long-form date - A new merge field for long-form date (Day then Month) has been added.
  • Document Reminders including DocuSign documents can now be sent from the Documents Screen
  • Document Status field is now searchable

CAS360 Version 39 has been released

New Features Include

  • Xero HQ Integration - CAS360 now connects to Xero HQ allowing you to see important CAS360 events in your Xero HQ feed.
  • Debt Balance on Annual Reviews Listing Report - The Company debt balance can now be seen on the CAS360 Annual Review Listing Report.
  • Document Filters - A new filter ‘DocuSign Signed and Not Lodged’ has been added to the Documents screen.
  • Constitution and Trust Deed date fields - You can now save the Constitution date for a company and Trust Deed date for a trust.
  • Document status list is now in alphabetical order - When you edit a document status the status list is now in alphabetical order.

CAS360 Version 40

New Features Include

  • View Officer Details - You can now view officer address, date of birth and place of birth information in the officer’s screen
  • New Contact icons - All New icons have been added to the contact screen, including specific icons for all contact and sub contact types.
  • Added Notice of Beneficial Ownership for unitholder transactions
  • Added Declaration of Trust document for unit holder transactions
  • Added a Labels filter on the Company debt listing Report
  • Added the ability to hide Shareholder and Public Officer addresses on the Company Report
  • Added Attending Unitholders Names proper case merge field
  • Debt alert reminder will now automatically select the ASIC invoice if it exists
  • Improved ordering of names on Directors minutes/resolutions
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