Sending all documents to one person

I use CAS Desktop in my usual job and CAS 360 for an outside company. For 360 I send all documents to one manager at that company as I do not communicate directly with any of the directors or shareholders. I would like to see an email contact for each company so that I can set up this manager as my contact. At present there are many contacts and I have to be careful to delete all usual contacts for that company and add my manager. If I get it wrong, there is potential for me to end up sending something to a director or shareholder without it being checked first.

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In CAS360 we have built a Document Review workflow that is built for when a Manager / Partner needs to review a document before it is sent to the client.

More details about the Document Review feature can be found here

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For one client I send the invoice to Accounts Payable and the documents to be signed by a director to the company secretary, it would be good to do separate emails automatically.

I do this for a number of a clients! Agree, it would be great if separate emails could be sent. It would be even better if a person who is CCed could be blocked from accessing the signing fields when sending via DocuSign. That’s the main reason I send two separate emails.

@Anne.Wright - So you end up paying for two separate DocuSign envelopes for the single transaction, because the functionality doesn’t exist in CAS360 yet to do what you guys have described above?

No, only pay for one envelope @laneth as I download and send the invoices via normal email. Only the signing docs are sent via DocuSign :slight_smile: