Saving Non-CAS Minutes etc

Good morning all,

I’m working on developing a process for saving non-CAS minutes (eg financial minutes) to the documents screen to ensure we have a comprehensive electronic register instead of some filed physically, some saved electronically to document manager to AE etc.

Can anyone shed any light on how they are handling it?

Cheers, Bianca

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Great question Bianca. I don’t think there is a perfect way to manage minutes in CAS. The best you can do at the moment is upload them to a folder you name ‘Minutes’ or ‘Minute Book’ for each company and just keep adding to that document/folder.
I’d love to see an electronic version of managing minutes and other company documents in CAS that essentially reflects a hard copy Corporate Register (instead of governed by ASIC form). Currently minutes are hidden under options/download whereas they should be grouped into an electronic minutes folder/book were you can add other minutes produced outside of CAS to maintain a complete, chronological minute book/folder for a company. Not every set of minutes prepared for a company is governed by an ASIC form.