Salutations - Formal, Informal and Casual

We would love to go automatic with our CAS360 but can’t get the salutations we want. In addition to individual names, we use three styles of salutation: 1) FORMAL - Mr N E & Mrs O F Citizen; 2) INFORMAL - Mr & Mrs Citizen; and 3) CASUAL - Norm & Olga. These three need to be available in all templates (documents, emails and texts). If we could input when we set up a new entity (in the same area where we select contacts (signing contact; billing contact, etc) this would be so useful. We could then just adjust the various templates instead of having to edit each document individually before we send the item to the client. It makes the communication we have with our clients much more personal and is especially important when we have entities with individuals that are not married e.g. brother and sister, mother and son, friends, etc. Does anyone else have this issue? Can anyone suggest any work arounds?


I agree that a field for Salutation would be extremely helpful! Maybe it needs to be attached to the Contact rather than the Company.

I also manually edit my salutations before sending the email because we have many clients who prefer to be called something different. For example, Thomas is known as Tom. Or Benjamin John prefers to be called by his second name, John. I keep an Excel list of these, I’m slowly adding them to the Notes in CAS360, but still find myself referring back to my Excel list because you can’t see the Notes when you are on the Email screen!

While we are on the subject of Contacts and Salutations, the other frustration I have is that when you add Contacts to the General Tab (ie Billing Contact, Signing Contact etc), these all fill into the TO box on emails so we then have to move them down to the CC box. It would be great if you could nominate next to the Contact whether they should be a CC.

And when you use DocuSign, these Contacts don’t apply at all so it’s necessary to manually check which Contacts to add to the CC field.

Sorry for hijacking the original post… but it’s all kind of relating to the same issue! :slight_smile:

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Let’s add to this the need to have consistency between the various areas of adding a contact, (add individual in Contacts screen, adding individual in Officers screen, etc.), as well as the need to be able to add/edit the Salutation/Title for individuals when editing a contact’s details.

There have been a number of occasions where I’ve found out that a contact was a Dr. after they’ve been entered and there’s no way to edit this after the fact.

This whole thread is excellent and full of awesome ideas - here’s hoping they’re implemented soon!


I just read the Quarterly Update Report and discovered one of the things I mentioned has already been implemented! :slight_smile:

When you have a company billing contact you can now have this contact automatically cc’d
in the Digital Signing Annual Review email.
To turn this option on go to Settings -> Email Options


Bumping this request.

We are doing a whole-firm revamp of our style, and I have come across the following as a factor that will hinder my ability to accurately and consistently automate Annual Review cover letter generation for DocuSign/PDF reviews:

  • Inability to edit contact “Title” in Contacts screen once contact is created. (Surely this could be something that can be added to the “Information” drop-down so we can add/edit?)

  • No Salutation field in Contact area, nor a ${officerSalutation} field to provide for nicknames or casual / preferred names

  • No ${officerTitle} code hook in Annual Review Cover Letter CAS360 dictionary

  • Would it be possible to have a global address code ( like ${documentAddress} ) that we can hard code into out templates and then go to the Addresses area of the company and turn on a toggle next to one address out of Registered Office, Business, Meeting, Postal, or Signatory Officer? Kind of like how there’s a “Print” toggle next to Registered & Business addresses?
    I only ask because it would be much easier to have this global hook rather than hard coding several different templates, depending on client address preferences / requirements…

EDIT: - I just had the thought that, since these are going via Email or DocuSign - why not have a code hook like ${officerEmail} so that the letter that is generated and sent to the signatory officer can have something as follows:

Mr L Sffarlenn
Laneth’s Pretend Company Pty Ltd

Also - aside from the Billing Contact option mentioned in Anne’s comments above, we’ve yet to hear any sort of response with regards to getting these concerns / requests addressed.



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Definitely would be keen to see some sort of salutation / preferred name field available soon.

Also, consistency across the merge fields available for various documents would be handy. We’ve opted for ${ClientSmartTitle} for our annual review emails as I’d prefer to be overly formal then accidentally call someone by their first name when they go by their middle name, but I can’t see that option for our Annual Review Cover Letter

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Agreed Bianca, having the consistency & shared code hooks between the emails and doc templates - especially for similar/related areas (annual review cover letter and annual review email, etc) would be really handy and help to promote consistency & confidence on behalf of CAS360 users that aren’t overly familiar with all the different ways of implementing such coding.

Just updating everyone here that we can now update/edit Individual contacts and enter their Titles - In the Contacts area, click into the contact and click on their name “link” and this will pop up.


I would also love to see a preferred name field added to the contacts that can be selected as the salutation in emails. Almost all of our clients are on first name terms with our partners and staff and many of our clients go by their middle name. Some even go by a different name than either their first or second name so this would be particularly helpful to us and is the main reason we will not go automatic with these emails.


Good point @Casey - We have quite a substantial Chinese client base, and many of them use an anglicised name in all correspondence with the firm but their legal names with ASIC. Would be nice to address them familiarly rather than formally.