Rounding of Values in Reports

I’ve just completed a set of financials printed without cents and whilst the program is incredibly powerful at managing so many complex issues, I am disappointed with the discrepancies showing for the Member Account due to the rounding in the Financial Reports - it looks very unprofessional when different totals appear (we should in the very least be able to add figures to get a consistent result), particularly where it happens on the one page or within a few pages of each other - for example: -
Member 1 statement shows 2 different values
Balance Summary & Vested Amount $***,35
Detailed Account Summary $
Member’s Summary Report $
Statement of Financial Position $

Member 2 statement
Balance Summary & Vested Amount $***,49
Detailed Account Summary $
Member’s Summary Report $
**,48 (Fund Total $***82)
Statement of Financial Position $
**,*49 (Fund Total $***83)

Reports without the cents are our preferred format due to the uncluttered appearance, so is it possible to obtain some consistency in the reporting when the Reports do not disclose the cents?

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Hi Rosalie

Thanks for the feedback. We will review the rounding of these reports and look at ensuring their consistency as a matter of priority. Thanks.

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We also have the same issue and we share your feelings. What we currently do to get around this issue is by manually changing the reports in Word. We don’t do that for all of our clients. It would be great if SF360 can fix this. @Fernandez

We print all reports rounded and print the Members reports separately with cents included. It’s especially annoying when the two figures on the single page members reports don’t match.

Hi Emma, yes that what we resorted to doing as an interim measure.
Hopefully it will be sorted soon…it is on the wish list :slight_smile: