Rollover to APRA

Hi, I requested a rollover yesterday to Australian Super. I have since discovered that the ESA was not updated with the ATO, but I have now done that. I got no errors when I submitted the request.
Do you think I need to cancel the rollover request (don’t even know if this is possible) and send a new request.
The member phoned Australian Super before I updated the ESA with the ATO, and Australian Super said they haven’t received any rollover request. Looking back on previous threads here, I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence or if it’s in fact because I didn’t have the ESA updated with the ATO.

I should have also said that when I processed the request, the status now says ’ Roll out awaiting payment confirmation’ and not ‘Roll out transaction awaiting validation’

Hi Maeve,

Thanks for your post.
From what you mentioned, looks like the rollover request has been sent out. Is this issue now resolved? If not, please log a support ticket, so we can troubleshoot further.


Hi Eric,

The only way we fixed it was by getting Australian Super to initiate the rollover.

One of the rollovers has now been processed but still waiting for the other one to be processed after the payment has been made to Australian Super.