Rollover Evidence

We have had a few wind up funds in the last few months. One of the funds has now been provided to the auditor. One of the points they requested was copies of the signed rollover statements. I then notified them that it was processed through Superstream therefore no signed statements. They have not requested
For rollovers processed via SuperStream, we just need copies of:
-The rollover request received by the fund (which would have come from either the member, the receiving fund or the ATO) and
-Documentation to confirm the rollover was processed via SuperStream (for example, a printout from the software provider/Class).
I note there appears to be no reports etc available. What have others done for this. My only thought is a screen shot of the page.

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your question.

We are in the process of implementing a SuperStream Rollover Report which will provide evidence that the rollover is processed via SuperStream.
The report will contain the following:

  1. The rollover data (member, receiving fund, transferring fund and transaction data)
  2. The rollover transaction history (when and how the rollover was initiated, the user process the request, and when it is completed…)
  3. ATO validation services response (if the fund is transferring fund).