Reviewer Feature - email signatory

Hi, I have logged a support call but thought I’d post here in case other users have any tips! I have not used the ‘Flag for Review’ feature previously. The problem I’m finding is that Person A (Admin) initiates the email and the ${UserName} field I am using for the email signatory inserts the name of that person. The job goes to Person B (Accountant) for review and they approve the documents and send the email. The email received by the client shows Person B name in their inbox but Person A in the email text. How can I get these to match? I guess I can put the Firm name as the email signatory but would rather have the Accountant if it is possible. thanks

Response from Support was as follows:

In terms of Flagging documents for review, this merge field, unfortunately, cannot accommodate the reviewer’s name at this time. I do apologise for this outcome and have arranged to add this as a wishlist item for you.

If you would like the Reviewers Name to be shown in the email body, as a workaround, you can manually add this name from the email preview screen. Alternatively, you can add the Reviewers Name to the email template if they are the same person consistently.