Review Date not updating after review received

I’m experiencing an issue within CAS360 where I receive an alert that an annual review is not received as the review date is not being automatically updated once the annual review has been processed. Ie I received & sent the company statement for a company & now today it’s saying it has been received but in the company details the review year has not changed from 2021 to 2022. This is only occurring on random companies & not all of them.

Any suggestions on what may be causing this?

Hey @MelissaI

I was noticing this issue late last year in November and spoke with Katrina Xue in BGL’s support about it.

Apparently what was happening was:

The reason why the Annual review is not pushed to next year is email sent to client process is not completed in the backend.

I have checked your message Outbox and found one of the email has failed (client email redacted)

As a first step, for those you’ve noticed this happening on, could you check to see if there are any failed emails in the Outbox of CAS360, and if that’s not the case, your best bet would be either having a live support chat or log a support call/email to get this looked at for your instance - it could very well be a totally separate issue.

Cheers and good luck!

Thanks Laneth, the emails are being sent through without fail on the companies that have had this issue. Next time it happens i will log a support call. Like I said it’s happening randomly with no noticeable cause so I thought I was missing something!

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Hey Melissa,

That is odd, as like I said, this was what I was advised was triggering this issue on my end haha.

Here’s hoping there’s no further instances of this happening, but if it does hopefully you can get to the bottom of it!